Geezeo Responsive Tiles

The Concept

Leverage our robust library of visualizations and insights to provide a la carte configurable widgets to our clients.

The Plot

In this ever-changing digital world, Geezeo understood a financial institution’s need to create a unique digital experiences. By leveraging our proven API, we developed Responsive Tiles to help our clients build seamless, customized digital banking experiences.

The Prose

Geezeo had a demonstrable track record of delivering engaging white-labeled user experiences. However, there became an increasing demand to deliver the salient aspects of our applications in easily digestible chunks that a bank or financial institution could leverage and drop into an existing user experience. We already had an API in place, so it was a natural fit to develop a set of visualizations our clients could utilize without having to go through a lengthy engagement with our team. We used heuristic evaluation to determine what user’s found to be our most-viewed visualizations and focused on designing a set of widgets around them. The tiles were designed to fit in a variety of spaces and aesthetics. Moreover, each tile was 100% configurable to the client’s branding, tastes etc.

My Role

I was responsible for brainstorming, proof of concept, visual design, prototyping and presenting this application.