PrizeFight Web and Mobile Applications

The Concept

Create a web and mobile application to motivate and unite sales teams.

The Plot

I was approached by an old friend and co-worker about an intriguing concept: a web and mobile application (subscription service) for sales managers to help motivate and engage their teams. Salespeople are competitive by nature, but application would help channel that competitive spirit in a positive way. Managers would have the ability to create contests, set deadlines for those contests, track progress on leaderboards, and issue prizes to the victors. Team members could create accounts, talk smack with their peers and track progress in real time.

The Prose

The web experience was divided into four parts: admin, contests, team profiles and creation. We spent significant time around optimizing the onboarding process. It was important, because we were dealing with somewhat of a “new” concept for salespeople, that we organize the process into manageable steps and that those steps be easy to navigate and complete. Moreover, we wanted the experience to be fun and rewarding for the sales teams, so particular emphasis was placed on gamifying aspects of the journey…replete with awards, rankings, and experience levels. To keep things interesting, we devised three “game modes,” so contests wouldn’t get repetitive and boring.Lastly, we tried to play up the social component as much as possible. Users are not only encouraged to send trash talk to their rivals, but they are equally incentivized to offer moral encouragement to those who might be struggling with a contest. Finding a healthy balance was key.

In tackling the mobile side of the experience, less was more. We stripped out as much functionality as possible, not only for practicality reasons, but to optimize the experience for touch. The mobile experience was about keeping on top of results and communicating out to teammates. Push notifications were a must have.

Throughout the whole experience, aesthetic was an important consideration. We wanted things to be professional, but exciting and energetic. I modeled the logo and icons off of various sports iconography, not only to play of the aspect of competition and victory, but because sales people tend to like sports (well, who doesn’t really?).

My Role

I was responsible for brainstorming, wireframing, logo and icon creation, branding, visual design, prototyping and presenting this application.